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Trading and investing in financial markets is a great opportunity to make a massive amount of money in a short period of time , on other hand ; it can be very risky and requires a lot of caution , study , skill , and management , as any wrong decision can cost you a lot of hard earned money . I will explain some risks involved in trading stocks first , then I will explain some precautions to avoid these risks . Risks involved in stock trading : 1- wrong expectation : This is the top risk of all risks , and is a deadly risk , when you expect that a price of a stock goes up and you discover that the price has went down instead or vice versa , that will indeed cause a mini heart attack for you , right ? 2-psychological risk : No , this isn’t similar to number one , what I mean here is that there are psychological and emotional factors that can affect the actions of the trader , such as , greed , fear of taking the opportunity at the right moment , not accepting a small loss therefore waiting in a hope that the loss will turn into a profit which will lead to a bigger loss plus it will cost a lot of time which you would seize in a better opportunity , rush in taking decisions ..., etc 3- Choosing the losing horse : as you know , the stock market is like a horse racing , companies are racing and compete each other with their assets , so choosing the losing horse will be a bad idea these were the main risks in stock trading , now let’s see the precautions to avoid these risks : 1- market analysis : fundamental and technical analysis will help a lot to expect the right direction of the price . 2- don’t trade while your mind is busy or distracted , clear your mind first and focus on your goal . 3- choose wisely the winning horse , the way mentioned in the point number 1 4- analysis will lead you to take the right decision so don’t be afraid to seize the opportunity and always follow your intuition 5- remember , you won’t be able to be a billionaire in one trade , so , take the good amount of profit if you know that there will be no more increase in price , and eliminate greed 6- a small loss is better than a big loss 7- always be wise in taking decisions when you buy stock or sell stock and don’t hurry without prior and proper analysis giza, Egypt https://online-stock-exchange.com/_/...iza-Egypt.html https://online-stock-exchange.com

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